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Why Choose Us...

Canine Nanny LLC has been caring for pets in South Parker since 2005. We have cared for many beloved pets from dogs and cats to birds, fish, ferrets and more. We care for pets while their owners are out of town. We also stop in when the work day is just too long for dogs who need a mid-day potty break. Some dogs need some extra exercise which we provide with walks or play sessions. Cathi is also a dog trainer and can help out in that area.

Our goal is to provide loving care for your pets just like you would. Part of this goal is to form a relationship with you and your pets. We have a small service area so that we can provide personal care for the pets in the area we live. Canine Nanny LLC is owned and operated by three members of our family. We provide back-up for each other so that there will be no missed visits.

Cathi is the primary pet sitter and has been working with animals for many years. She has raised small birds and bred tropical fish. She worked for several years at an aquarium shop. She began volunteering at the Dumb Friends League in 2002 in the behavior department working with shelter dogs and teaching obedience classes. She has also taught classes at the Parker Recreation Center and for the City of Aurora. This has given her the opportunity to work with hundreds of dog and puppies. She has also attended many seminars and conferences, and done much individual study to learn about animals and their behavior.

Marge is Cathi and Brian's mother. She helps with the pet sitting when needed. She was raised on a farm in Wyoming. She has been very supportive of her children’s interests as they grew, which has included many pets over the years. She has been involved with all of the animals and their care.

Brian is available to pet sit on occasion. He has also raised fish and birds. Brian has helped with dog training and caring for many pets. He is currently attending school.

We live in the Pinery with four dogs, a cat, a ferret and a couple of fish tanks.

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